Forensic Investigations of Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses

A paper “Forensic Investigations of Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses”,  jointly authored by Bruce Clarke and Mike Williams was recently selected to be presented at the ASCE Conference in Florida.

Bruce is Vice President of Williams & Beck Inc.  and is a structural engineer certified by the Structural Engineering Certification Board. He has designed multiple wood, timber, concrete and steel structures. Applying his talent as a structural engineer, Mr. Clarke has also evaluated and designed repairs for  many failing or damaged structures. Mike is President of Williams & Beck Inc. and has successfully completed many structural evaluations associated with our forensic engineering practice.

Wood Truss connected by metal plate engineering collapse

Abstract of Paper “Forensic Investigations of Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses”

“When a metal-plate-connected wood truss roof system collapses while it is under construction, there is a need to evaluate why the collapse occurred.  There are generally multiple engineers involved in investigating the cause of the collapse and in most cases, at least one of the engineers involved will reach the conclusion that the truss system was not adequately braced. That conclusion is often (but not always) incorrect.

Several examples of roof trusses that were successfully constructed without bracing and conform to the current Building Component Safety Information guidelines, illustrate that a lack of such bracing should not be assumed to be the cause of a truss collapse.  Sometimes, the bracing installed prior to the collapse, while perhaps not in perfect conformance with the applicable guidelines, is very substantial. Concluding that the truss bracing did not conform to a particular guideline or design is not the same as concluding that inadequate bracing was the cause of the collapse.

When evaluating a truss system collapse it is important to evaluate all of the possible causes before drawing conclusions about the cause of the collapse. Examples of well braced truss system collapses are reviewed by Mr. Clarke’s to illustrate how other, equally important factors can contribute to truss collapses.”

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